The Sky is the Limit ... Sort of

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How much can you take out in Stafford Loans?

The Sky is the Limit ... Sort of

The annual limits placed on the Federal Stafford Loan, both subsidized and unsubsidized, cannot add up to more than $23,000 for dependent students and $46,000 for independent students.

For graduate students the Stafford Loan limit over the course of continuing education may not exceed $138,500. However, this figure includes the student's total Stafford Loans during undergraduate years too.

If you plan to attend graduate school and use federal loans as much as possible throughout your education, make sure you are aware of these total limits as well as the annual ones. Careful planning can result in maximizing your potential federal loans. If you do not plan for these factors you may end up applying for private loans at the last minute when you run out of federal funds.



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