Jennifer Mathes, Ph.D.
Student Loan Guru

Jennifer Mathes, Ph.D. is a college administrator with over a decade of experience in higher education. As a graduate student, she was able to pay for her education and explore her options in education by working as a financial aid advisor to fellow students. Through this experience, she learned many of the challenges and opportunities associated with financial aid. This was also where she came to understand the basic information that students need to know to successfully navigate through the student loan process.

Her higher education experiences were further expanded when Jennifer accepted her first position as a college instructor. While she started teaching part-time, she was quickly offered a full-time teaching position. In 1997, she became one of a new breed of instructors when she took advantage of technological advances to begin offering classes online. Since moving into a college supervisory role she has had the opportunity to develop online curriculum plans as well as create policies to maintain quality in online learning.

As a college administrator, the breadth of her experience has included developing an Emergency Management Plan; supervising faculty and staff; developing and maintaining the instructional budget for an institution; and, writing accreditation reports.

In 2003, Jennifer earned her Ph.D. from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign after successfully defending her dissertation “Predictors for Student Success in Online Education.” She also has a master’s degree in business education and a bachelor’s degree in mass communications.

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