Grad School Budget Headaches

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Did you factor health insurance into your school loans?

Grad School Budget Headaches

Most students, whether they are undergraduates or graduates, rely on the school health coverage plan. Some schools will automatically charge this plan to your bill along with tuition unless you provide proof of another form of insurance.

This is one of those expenses most people forget about, and many don't find out they have been charged until after the fact. So when you are applying for financial aid make sure to include the cost of the health insurance plan, if you wish to enroll in it, in your cost of attendance estimate. Now you can apply for the right amount in undergraduate or graduate student loans and won't get surprised by any last minute charges.

Few things are worse than running into unexpected expenses during your higher education. They always seem to pop up and give you headaches. But by factoring in those insurance payments, you'll have access to right health to treat that headache—and avoid it in the first place.



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