Sallie Mae Loans

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Are you familiar with the different loans offered through Sallie Mae?

Sallie Mae Loans

Sallie Mae is one of the most well-known student loan companies around. They offer a number of private education loan options and lenders for graduate and undergraduate students.

The Signature Student Loan offered by Sallie Mae is a loan for students attending a community college or a four or five-year school that is accredited by the state. The student must meet credit criteria set forth by the loan company and make consistent progress toward a degree. This is open to students studying in the Unites States, study abroad programs, and international students who apply with a cosigner.

Community college students can borrow a maximum of $50,000, while students attending a four or five-year college can take out as much as $100,000. Graduate students are eligible for up to $150,000, though if the student is focusing on a health field that number goes up to $150,000.

Another popular Sallie Mae student loan choice offered is the Tuition Answer Loan, available to both parents and students. Borrowers must be U.S. residents or eligible permanent citizens with a valid Social Security Number. The set minimum for this Sallie Mae loan is $1,500 and the maximum over the course of a college career is $130,000.

Take a look at the various private student loan options available at With so many options, they are a great source for alternative student loans.



7/30/2011 4:09:10 PM
Destroyed said:

Do not use Sallie Mae for anything, this is the worst company to become in-debt to, If you come across hard times , they will sell the loan to a debt collection company that THEY OWN and charge you astronomical fees and jack your interest rate to a completely impossible repayable amount....I would suggest going to see a loan shark over this least the loan shark will just break your legs instead of crush your life....


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