In For A Nickel, In For $30,000?

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Are minimum loan requirements discouraging?

In For A Nickel, In For $30,000?

The need for a loan can arise at any time and for any number of reasons. The amount which you need to borrow will also be relative to what you need the money for. Not every student loan has to be for $30,000. Sometimes students may only need $1,000. Sometimes they might need even less than that. Unfortunately, most loan companies set a minimum of $1,000, or even more in many cases.

Though there are common scenarios related to the college experience and its funding, everyone has their own needs and no one wants to be defined by someone else's circumstances.

The Chase Select Loan can help whether you need a little, a lot, or anything in between. The minimum is amount is set at $500, while the maximum for an undergraduate student can reach as high as $120,000.

You can find out in minutes, either by phone or online, if you are approved and start planning your education from there. Not everyone needs to borrow $120,000 in alternative student loans. That doesn't mean the student who needs $2,000 is any less important or should suffer because of unfair minimums.



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