American Education Services

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What is AES?

American Education Services

American Education Services (AES) is one of the largest student loan companies in the country today. They offer a wide variety of student loans through a multitude of lenders. Since 1964 AES has become one of the top providers of private student loans. Their goal has been to offer the most affordable options for funding a college education.

One of the programs offered by AES that has made them so popular is their partnership with Upromise. When you create a free account at and shop at any of the more than 500 retailers listed, either online or in your local store, you receive rebates for your purchases.

These rebates are transferred to your AES student loan accounts as a payment. They do not replace your monthly payment, but they do supplement them. This way you receive rebates for doing shopping you would regularly do anyway, and pay your loans off faster in the process.

You can save thousands of dollars in loans just by having lunch at a certain restaurant or buying paper for your printer at a specific store. Most of the participating retailers are major chains that you probably shop at anyway, so why not let them help you pay off your college debt?



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