Sometimes an Extra Step Helps

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Are you worried you might not know everything you need to when filling out the FAFSA?

Sometimes an Extra Step Helps

Before filing your financial aid application, complete the FAFSA worksheet online. This is an optional step, but one that can be very helpful. The worksheet will prepare you for filing your application by listing all of the documents and other information you will need to reference in order to complete the process. It also shows you the questions that will be on the actual application. This way, if you are not sure about something you can get clarification rather than inputting incorrect or incomplete information on the final form.

Some applicants do not want to add more steps to an already difficult process, but this is one step that will reduce your stress and increase efficiency. Just like the Boy Scouts say, it is a good idea to always be prepared. The FAFSA worksheet will do just that for you.

If you choose to complete this worksheet it will be very beneficial, but make sure you keep it for your own records and do not mail it in for processing. This is not the actual application for an education loan and mailing it in can only cause delays. The worksheet is meant as a guide to familiarize yourself with the aid process and complete the real application.



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